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About Us

Since 1962, the Association has represented electrical contractors.

ECAA provides many services for its members such as representation on various industry boards, labour negotiations, seminars for specialized applications and management skills, industry meetings and conventions, and develops electrical apprentices through Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). ECAA also helps members work through challenges with inspection authorities and general contractors.

ECAA's Vision/Mission

The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta is the voice and information centre of the electrical industry; a self-governing body working to ensure a professional membership through education, safety and strong stakeholder relationships.

Who Makes up the ECAA

ECAA’s membership is comprised of:

  • Electrical Contractors (member firms), employing both union and non-union labour.
  • Associate Member, meaning any person employed by a company who is actively engaged with the electrical industry. This includes distributors, manufacturers, agents and those who promote professional services through education, safety and strong stakeholder relationships.
  • Journeyperson Associate for Journeyperson Electricians in Alberta.
  • Professional Electrical Contractors (PECs), those persons who are Master Electricians engaged in the electrical industry and have successfully completed the course work and examinations required by the PEC Program.
  • PEC Student Member, those persons who made an application and are enrolled in the PEC program.
  • Honorary Member has received a special nomination in appreciation for distinguished services to or in the interests of the Association.
  • Lifetime Member is a retired person from the Association and has met the merit guidelines established by the Nominating Committee.
  • Retired Member is an individual whose member company is no longer active.


The objectives of the Association are:

  • To act as the voice of the Electrical Contractors in the Province of Alberta;
  • To unite the Members of the Association in an association for their mutual improvement, protection and general welfare;
  • To promote better relationships between the Members and between the Members, Owners, Architects, Engineers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Education/Training, other Contractors and other segments of the Electrical Industry;
  • To establish, maintain and advance methods of practice between the Members within the Industry, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, enacting a code of ethics;
  • To acquire and disseminate information concerning the Electrical Industry;
  • To provide the medium whereby Members, Chapters and Affiliates may exchange opinions and coordinate their efforts;
  • To make application for, to obtain, to act in respect to and to carry out the rights of an Association which is granted registration or accreditation as an employer's organization or otherwise, as provided under The Alberta Labour Relations Code, and amendments thereto, including the right to join with any other organization or association in applying for registration or accreditation or to transfer any registration or accreditation to another employers' organization or association;
  • To affiliate with Associations, Societies and Organizations having objects in whole or in part similar to those of the Association;
  • To be non-political and non-sectarian;
  • To appoint trustees to Health, Welfare, Pensions, Educational or other Trusts which are established pursuant to collective agreements negotiated by either the Association or any Members thereof;
  • To provide and render such services as the Members request;
  • To do all such things as may, directly or indirectly, seem to be incidental, conducive, convenient or proper for the accomplishment of the purposes or the attainment of the objectives of this Association or expedient for the protection or benefit of its Members.

Code of Ethical Practice

Members of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta, having an awareness of the necessity of methods of operation to create a stable industry, having public confidence, and having amiable relations with other sectors of the electrical and construction industries, endorse and agree to conform to the following practices:

  • Members shall act in such manner as to retain and enhance their own and their fellow members' position with respect to legislative bodies encompassing inspection facilities.
  • Members shall encourage the betterment of the trade of electrical contracting through cooperation at association level, promoting the training of tradesmen, public education. Labour relations, and implementation of legislation.
  • Members shall honor a customer's specifications, drawings, and contract agreements and shall undertake only such projects, as they are competent to perform by virtue of their financial capabilities, training, and experience.
  • Members shall provide to the best of their knowledge and ability only realistic installations with respect to design, economy, performance, safety, warranty, and scheduling.
  • Members shall not divulge privileged information with respect to design, costs, schedules, budgets, and quotations.
  • Members shall protect each other from diverse publicity, ridicule, or criticism and function in accordance with the bylaws of the Association by forthright and moral relations with their employees, customers, suppliers, and all others who are associated with the electrical industry.


The governing body of the Association is a Board consisting of a President, the immediate Past President, a Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Labour Relations Chair, PEC Chair, plus eight Directors representing the various Chapters in the Province, two Directors-at-Large (one North and one South), two Public Members, as well as various committee chairs. An Executive Director manages the Provincial Office in Edmonton.


Chapters of ECAA are established in Calgary, Edmonton, Central, Fort McMurray, North West, Lethbridge, North East and Medicine Hat. These form the basis for regular meetings in these areas and frequency of Chapter meetings is determined by the wishes of the Chapter membership. They may be of general or social interest, or primarily educational and technical, depending on the need in the various areas. Many members take advantage of these opportunities for networking, personal growth, professional development and fellowship.

ECAA holds an Annual General Meeting at which time every member has the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the Association, review financial records, obtain detailed information in Committee reports, meet with Chapter representatives and present resolutions for consideration.

Regular meetings of ECAA's Provincial Board and a wide range of Boards, Chapters and Committees are held throughout the year as required.

Regulations & By-Laws

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The Future

The future of ECAA very largely depends on its members. Their professionalism in the work place ensures that ECAA remains an expanding and dynamic organization, which is increasingly recognized by business, industry and government. To develop further, ECAA needs the support of all Electrical Contractor firms as well as the individuals who have attained professional status.


On November 29, 1962 the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta was incorporated and registered with the Registrar of Companies for the Province of Alberta. At the beginning of its development, the ECAA was an amalgamation of a number of local Associations who recognized the need for a provincial agency uniting all contractors operating in Alberta.

The early years were spent developing directions and goals of the Association. Many lengthy meetings were held discussing the problems of the electrical contracting industry and how the Association could best come to grips with the problems to the end that the industry and the membership could be properly enhanced. Many individual firms and business men gave their time and finances to ensure that ECAA would develop into a responsible organization.

Today, with a growing membership of over 865 firms from all areas of the Province, ECAA is a strong tribute to the electrical contractors who formed it. There is little doubt that the respect and reputation of the ECAA as a truly representative organization of electrical contractors is held high by its Members and the construction industry. Its voice is sought and heard in all arenas of activity affecting the electrical industry. A central office facility located in Edmonton serves as the focal point for all activities and provides the members continuous access to information and services so necessary to their individual businesses.

On May 22, 1992, the ECAA Members, at their Annual General Meeting, unanimously passed a Resolution stating "the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta proceed forthwith with the application for professionalism and instruct the Past Presidents' Council to prepare the necessary By-Law and Working Rule changes and other structure changes as required by the Alberta Government."

On May 12, 1993, the ECAA received professional status under the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act as Professional Electrical Contractors (PEC).