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Union Contractors

The web application formerly known as has been replaced with a name that represents all that it encompasses.

UCAD – Unionized Contractors A&D Programs.

With the results from the RSAP survey that was conducted in 2020, we learned that a large portion of our industry did not understand our different A&D programs and how they support each other providing different services and simply lumped them all into RSAP.  We have worked diligently on education and branding to ensure the delineation between the Case Managed Aftercare Program (CMAC) and the Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) is more clearly represented by the ECAA Labour Relations Committee on our website portal.

You will not have to do anything at first, you will be seamlessly directed to when you use, and the new landing page load for you and the web application will work exactly as it did previously.

For Labour Relations Inquiries & Support contact:

Brian Halina portrait photo

Brian Halina
ECAA Labour Relations Committee Chair

Connell, Brent

Brent Connell, PEC
ECAA Labour Relations Committee Vice-Chair

ECAA Banquet 2022-57

Tim Brower
ECAA Labour Relations Coordinator

General Construction Electricians Collective Agreement (Registration Certificate #52):

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Alcohol & Drug Policy Violation Referral Form: